Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Calls for Roy Moore to Step Aside

By Maria Trovato

In the past few weeks, allegations of sexual assault have surfaced against Roy Moore, a current candidate in the Alabama Senate race. Since then, many Repubican officials withdrawn their endorsements or called for Moore to step down. Recently, Republican Governor Larry Hogan made his own comments against the candidate.

“Roy Moore’s defenders should ask themselves if they would be so quick to excuse him if the victim was their daughter or if the offender was a Democrat,” Hogan tweeted in response to the scandal. “He is unfit for office and should step aside. Americans are better than this.”

The first allegation against Moore came from Leigh Corfman, who said he made sexual advances on her when she was only 14 and he was 32. Corfman’s friends and family members were able to confirm details of her story.

Several women have since come forward with allegations against the candidate, claiming he initiated sexual relationships when they were teenagers. Moore has denied all claims of sexual assault, however, acquaintances of Moore during this time in his life say he spent a considerable amount of time at the mall and a local high school.

As of now, Moore cannot be taken off of the ballot, yet he could still drop out of the race. Many Republican officials are distancing themselves from Moore and urging him to rescind his candidacy.

Mitch McConnell had asserted that Moore should step down, saying “I believe the women.”

Other GOP members speaking out against him include Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Ted Cruz.


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