Patrick Wojahn reelected as mayor of College Park

By Maria Trovato

On Nov. 7, the City of College Park, along with regions all across the nation, held mayoral and city council elections. Mayor Patrick Wojahn was reelected to serve a second term.

This year’s mayoral race was one of the most contested elections in College Park History, with three other candidates running, including District 4 Councilwoman Mary Cook, District 4 resident Zari Malsawma, and District 3 resident Tom Chen. Even with three other candidates, however, Wojahn still received 1,568 votes of the total 2,632 votes cast. In comparison, Cook received 596 votes, Chen received 367, and Malsawma received 101.

“I am thrilled with the margin of my success in the election. That really demonstrated that the College Park residents feel that the city is going in the right direction,” Wojahn said. “[It] was really a show of competence and faith that they appreciate what the city is doing and they’re curious to see more.”

Wojahn is the first openly gay Mayor in College Park history and before his first term, he was a Councilman for District 1 for eight years.

The mayor has big plans for the city in his next term. He looks to expand on the work in his first term and introduce new goals.

“I wanted to build on the work we started and revitalizing college park, focus on our downtown area, bringing some new development, development that will serve the whole college park community, our long-term residents as well as the students,” he said. “[We also want to] bring public space to our downtown, a public plaza, to really spark revitalization that will change the character of our town to make it more vibrant and exciting.”

In addition to revitalizing the city, the mayor is also looking to make College Park more sustainable.

“I also want to focus on the sustainability of our city, on using the resources we have at the university to improve our improve the energy efficiency of our citywide operations and ultimately to build a city hall in the next few years that is more energy-efficient and to serve the residents of college park by having more space available,” Wojahn said.

In addition to the mayoral race, there were also the elections for the council members of each individual district. All council members running for reelection were successful.

In District 1, Kate Kennedy was elected and Councilman Fazlul Kabir was reelected. In District 2, Councilmen P.J. Brennan and Monroe Dennis were both re-elected. In District 3, Councilman Robert Day was elected to serve his fourth term and John Rigg was elected. In District 4, Councilwoman Dustyn Kujawa and former Councilwoman Denise Mitchell were elected after campaigning together.

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